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The goods always travel at the risk of our customers and we don’t issue insurance for them as long as we don’t receive the customer’s request with a written order.

In all transport operations, our liability shall not exceed in any case, which we assume against carriers by road (CMR) whether or not covered by the TIR, railway (CIM), shipping, air (I.A.T.A.) or any intermediary involved in the transport.

The compensations are limited by the legally established national and international laws that apply to the type of transport service, which can vary in case of fraud or gross negligence of the carrier.

As a general rule for calculating the limits of compensation, must take the weight of the goods damaged or delayed and not the total transported.

It is desirable that the protests or reserves, after the discovery of damage to the goods, are made as quickly as possible and always within the established deadlines.

Open Cargo has agreements with all major insurance companies, in case you want to insure the goods against all risks, must indicate in writing, stating goods’ value, commodity type, origin / destination, mode of transport, etc. ., at the rates agreed upon for this service.

Please read our terms and conditions for full insurance in the attached file and verify that it conforms to the required service, in case of doubt or discrepancy, please contact us at Tel: 902 126 127.

Legal responsibilities in case of disaster
Divided into four sections, you can view or download the PDF document that summarizes the legal responsibilities according to the type of transport.

Descargar PDF Transporte aéreo
Descargar PDF Transporte por carretera
Descargar PDF Transporte por ferrocarril
Descargar PDF Transporte marítimo

Póliza a todo riesgo de mercancías:

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