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Since our foundation in 1995 our mission is to analyze our customer’s international trade needs and offer the best services based on execution time / costs, being able to provide full supply chain coverage from the supplier’s doors to end customer by including in our services portfolio; on carriage, international land, sea and air freights, customs clearance and warehousing & distributions at any place of the world.

We have a total worldwide coverage, thanks to our entry in 1997 to LINK group that is formed by the main local freight forwarding operators, located at the main business spots of the world, which in addition to our constant developments in new technologies allows us to be fast and effective.

Our main objective is to provide total customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we base our organization on a fundamental premise: We provide solutions rather than simple services, always fulfilling information, quality and tracking standards in all our customers’ operations.

We offer you specific solutions for actual needs in every international trade or logistics’ operation; from the factory to the end customer. Our customers choose the moment when we participate in all or just a part of their supply chain.

All our staff is coordinated to reach and overcome the objectives settled, moreover participate in their elaboration.

Your goods are our concern; we keep an active communication throughout the whole process of the transport operation, developing action plans, updating at a real time basis its status, foresee solutions to possible exceptional situations that may occur and delivering in the agreed timeframes, all of this aimed to accomplish the continuous improvement.

All this is taken care by our team situated in 250 offices in more than 50 countries of the world and trained so your company’s logistics if of first order. You will get whatever you need in any place of the world that you choose without stress and with total efficiency.

We comply with our commitments so you can fulfil with yours.